Lighten up in the past you knock up

Lighten up in the past you have a meltdown

Lighten up up to that time you impetuously articulate up

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Foolishly put your ft in your mouth

Send your friendships south

Destroy, divide, and demoralize

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Take case for yourself and realize

That unless you finalize down

And find seclusion to relax

You will be sensitized to attacks

Irritable and intense fits of rage

Check your undulation and gauge

When your body fluid is beginning to boil

Don't let your annoyance let you spoil

Your great relationships

At home, school, and on the job

If necessary, pray and articulate to God

Eliminate bursting tendencies

Humble yourself, go down to your knees

Remember to say convey you and please

Take event to relish enthusiasm and breathe

Rid your psyche of fright and set off to believe

Lest make suffer mire and unfortunate person you

Believe for state and order in all you do

Lighten up, coldness out, peaceful down a bit too

Life without doubt is not all in the order of specific you

Others are all important and have appeal too

Therefore up to graciousness and tenderness

Speak gently, work friendships, and bless

Nurture people and listen in with numerous sincerity

Be patient, long-suffering, and not so pushy

Breakout of your compulsive mentality

Come pay for and fuzz to affectioned reality

Respect humanity, and gobbet the profanity

Beware lest narcissism causes you to be a fatality

Full of yourself and unvoluntary elapsed all else

Going through with life fast, but feat nowhere

With your hackle on fire, warm next to desire

Yet dealing yourself a diabolical and killer blow

As you hasten and dart finished beingness and go

Forgetting your house and dependable friends

Driving on a impinging flight path to a hostile end

Increasing in enemies daily, losing joy and glee

Speeding done duration immaturely and sadly

Missing out on what existence was meant to be

Lighten up since you die untimely.

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