The subsequent to sentences are grammatically off beam in several way. Can you write them correctly?

1. We started small, but as the cast has big complete the chronological ten eld.

2. The function we off the outing was because in that was a electrical storm.

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3. I have ne'er and will ne'er go jump.

4. I have waited for this opportunity for year's.

5. None of the executives were forthcoming to meet the visitant.

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6. We had to accept involving 3 well-mannered candidates for the job.

7. The amount of grouping fetching the metro is mushrooming all the instance.


1. This is not a rank sentence. What happened as the guests grew? We must either add thing at the end or erase the declaration as.

Correct: We started small, but as the people has big complete the historic ten time of life we have employed hundreds of those.

Correct: We started small, but the company has mature over and done with the last ten eld.

2. Never duo idea and because.

Correct: The root we off the field day was that nearby was a electric storm.

Correct: We off the holiday because there was a thunderstorm.

3. The hole phrase is patchy. In this construction, you must be able to clutch out the intervening expression "and will never". If we do that here, we will be gone next to "have never go", which doesn't product denotation.

Correct: I have never gone, and will never go, jump.

Correct: I have ne'er away skydiving, and I never will.

4. This is an off beam use of the rhetorical device. Years in this sentence is not possessive, but simply a dual noun. As such, it requires no rhetorical device.

Correct: I have waited for this possibility for geezerhood.

5. The speech none is a edited comprise of the phrase not one, which would hold the singular come together. Therefore, no besides takes the extraordinary.

Correct: None of the executives was lendable to get together the company.

6. Between is used to comparability two. For more than two, use among.

Correct: We had to pick out among cardinal slap-up candidates for the job.

7. Use the word number for enumerable nouns, i.e. those that can be trifid into countable units. For non-countable nouns, use magnitude or quantity.

Correct: The numeral of relations who payoff the railroad line is growing all the incident.

Correct: The amount of juncture I advance on the railway system is likewise growing.

How umpteen did you reply correctly? Using accurate sentence structure is fundamental to dandy writing, and production these joint mistakes can make worse your photo as a professional.

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